Everybody has mental health.

Physical health. You have it, right? Yeah, me too. In fact I don't think I've ever met anybody who denies they have it. It just exists in all of us... Sometimes we're in good health, sometimes our health worsens, sometimes we take steps to restore our health to a happy medium.

Mental health, though... "Oh no, I've never been depressed. I don't have mental health". But its exactly the same. Look at those two words... MENTAL HEALTH. Not mental ill health, not poor mental health, not mental illness. Just simply, your level of wellbeing. The health of your brain, mind, emotions, stress levels, mood, sleep levels, happiness levels, contentment, your state of wellbeing... we all have it.

Please stop denying you have it or getting it confused with mental ill health, because mental health exists in all of us regardless. And recognising that can lead to a whole host of great things... Firstly, people who are experiencing mental ill health or distressing and debili…