'Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson'

The combination of Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson together, in a coffee book table packed with beautiful glossy photos- is one I'd genuinely thought I must have dreamt. It is a POWER COUPLE of the highest calibre.

Richardson; one of the most world renowned, highly-respected photographers, followed Gaga for a whole year taking thousands of photos. And the result is incredible...

Gaga, a cultural phenomenom, selling 23 million albums with a fan base to rival the religious cults of the 70's, is a carefully engineered mystery. For the first time, the public has access to the 'real' Gaga- the one behind that trail of controversy and raw meat- with 360 pages of breathtaking photos, each worthy of their own exhibition.

From black and white close-ups where Gaga appears barefaced and vulnerable, to snapshots of a performing Gaga, mid air with sparks flying from her underwear (yes really) and a look of determination on her face.

It's a book worthy of the most glamorous of coffee tables, and one that will be a legacy of a rising cultural icon. Love her or hate her, you can't help but be interested.

My favourite photo of all? Gaga in a band t-shirt, high waisted denim shorts, and a bowl of pasta sat on the floor next to a washing machine. The girl is a rockstar.


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