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Aztec Nail Tutorial with Polly!

I am SO excited to featuring my good friend Polly on my blog...this girl is a nail genius!
She constantly transforms her own nails into little works of art, and does it all herself at home. When I asked her to come and share her talents, she immediately whipped up this gem of a tutorial on Aztec nails!

The nails are so gorgeous, and it's so exciting to have this original tutorial on my blog...I hope she comes again soon! So here goes, over to Polly...


Hi, I'm Polly and I love doing my nails. That's all you really need to know about me, well I also love pink, glitter, fashion, Beyonce, clothes, bags and dancing (in that order). I always paint my nails when there is something more important to do, mostly work, so it has become my favourite thing to do. Hopefully this will be the first of many nail tutorials that you will see from me so hopefully you will a…

Cambridge Satchel Company

I was very lucky to get a bright pink satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company for Christmas, and wanted to share this amazing brand on my blog!

The satchels are so eye catching; they keep the traditional shapes, but use bright colours, metallics and fluoro  to bring the satchels bang up to date. They are playful and fierce, but still qualify as an investment buy because lets face it, when have satchels ever gone out of style!

These satchels are so versatile, as they classically fit a preppy, androgynous vibe, but the candy colours, and glamorous metallics give a girly twist- transforming a classic staple into a show stopper!

 I love these primary colour satchels, but the metallic gold at the top is my favourite (after mine!), and I love the more casual shape of the top two satchels, really nice for a more comfortable, slouchy weekend look.

The satchels start at £74 for a classic in the smallest size and range upwards from there.

Visit to see the …

Alice Vandy

I have been so excited about the thought of featuring Alice Vandy on my blog... I've followed and obsessed over her designs for ages!

She creates clothes that are show-stopping and fierce; they wouldn't look out of place on Gaga! Her signature items are playsuits and leggings, which she sells online in crazy prints... I am IN LOVE with the playsuits, particularly the Golden Leopard Bodysuit, and the Swarowski Crystalled Black Bodysuit which has a swooping V, crystalled shoulders and long sleeves (both pictured below.) I need them in my life!

Prices start from about £74.99 for a bodysuit, and £45 for leggings, and they range from there.

Alice Vandy pieces are undoubtedly stand-out investment pieces. In my opinion, they are worth every penny as they're beautifully made, unique designs, and so different to anything from the highstreet.

It's so exciting to have some upcoming design talent from Cornwall, and I think Alice is going to be huuuuge news!!

Alice is also a part t…

Peaches & Cream Make Up

I have been soo excited to share these guys with you...

The Peaches are a make up team who work at Peaches & Cream in Liverpool, headed by Kate & Nicola. These girls are one of the most exciting, fun, and glitter-obsessed make up teams in the country, and the looks they create are unreaaaal!

I discovered these guys when I was going through a really low time personally; I was feeling really under confident, really unhappy and couldn't see the point in dressing up or doing my make up. Stumbling across their blog was the best pick-me-up I could have asked made me feel excited about make up all over again, and helped coax me back to my normal glitter-obsessed self...

Their blog & instagram is ADDICTIVE...seeing all the crazy make up looks they come up with, the amazing day to day glamour, and the clients they transform to their most glamorous, sexy selves.

Anddddd, they have an online shop! To create their classic look 'the smoke' which is a glam sparkly …

Zara Taylor Jewellery

Zara Taylor Jewellery is a brilliant independent jewellery company that I stumbled across in my hunt for Christmas presents... The jewellery all has an antique, vintage look about it, and is of really good quality. Plus, the awesome Fearne Cotton is modelling as the face of the company online - love her!

From seashells to bumblebees, cameos to anchors, the jewellery incorporates so many eye catching designs and there is so much to choose from! And the best part, Zara Taylor won't cost you a fortune; with most of the pendants ranging from £10 to £30,  and you can get gorgeous earrings from as little as £7.99!

My favourites...

'Big Old Bumblebee' £19.99
The tarnished gold is gorgeous, and hey, anything Queen B related is good for me...

'2010 Year of the Tiger' £22.99
So fierce! The diamante eyes add some glitz to this feisty piece, but the tarnished colour stops it looking tacky...

'Beautiful Peace Angel' £21.99

There's something so beautiful and delicat…

'Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson'

The combination of Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson together, in a coffee book table packed with beautiful glossy photos- is one I'd genuinely thought I must have dreamt. It is a POWER COUPLE of the highest calibre.

Richardson; one of the most world renowned, highly-respected photographers, followed Gaga for a whole year taking thousands of photos. And the result is incredible...

Gaga, a cultural phenomenom, selling 23 million albums with a fan base to rival the religious cults of the 70's, is a carefully engineered mystery. For the first time, the public has access to the 'real' Gaga- the one behind that trail of controversy and raw meat- with 360 pages of breathtaking photos, each worthy of their own exhibition.

From black and white close-ups where Gaga appears barefaced and vulnerable, to snapshots of a performing Gaga, mid air with sparks flying from her underwear (yes really) and a look of determination on her face.

It's a book worthy of the most glamorous of c…