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Candyfloss Obsession...

So I spend a lot of time on Instagram & Tumblr, and I am a self-confessed addict when it comes to pictures of pastel coloured hair!

Then you add into the mix the unicorn and mermaid obsession that dominates beauty companies and brands such as Wildfox, Tarte, Missguided and many more... and this only adds fuel to the fire for pastel hair inspo on instagram!

The originals in stand out pastel do's has to be BLEACH London, who run a hip salon in the capital, and regularly churn out candyfloss hair! Good news: they now have an affordable Superdrug range so that you can recreate their looks at home.

The final straw for me, is Christina Aguilera's new video for her song 'Your Body', where she debuts a range of pink hair & make up looks that I am in love with! I was literally pausing the video at every look... she SLAYS!

Bring on summer festivals, and some semi-permanent pink because I wanna join the candy-floss club!